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    How To add a SATA controller driver to ESXi 3.5 Install CD (edited)

    Corsari Novice

      Hi to all the community,


      Today I downloaded and tried to install VMWare ESXi on a Core Duo Quad system.


      The main board is an ASUS P5KPL-CM with Intel Chipsets G31and ICH7.


      The pc is equipped with a SATA hdd.


      The issue is:


      Right after clicking install, I get a message such "Unable to find a support device to write the VMWare ESXi server"


      Related to the issue I add this question:


      Is it a must that the HDD on where to install, got to be BLANK/EMPTY? Or it is not?


      In other words, what happen if ESXi installer finds out something on the disk (i.e. the disk is fully partitioned with a bootable Windows)? Does ESXi installer have an erase disk option or if any partition is present, the result is the issue I described above?


      I ask it because I see that here http://www.vm-help.com/esx/esx3.5/Whiteboxes_SATA_Controllers_for_ESX_3.5_3i.htm are mentioned some systems with the ICH7 chipset.


      Obviously it is a controller matter. On this pc, Windows XP Pro installs fine, no SATA drivers required.


      That is the reason of this post.


      Thank you all if you help me with the right tip.



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