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    IBM x346 Fresh 3.5U3 Issue

    khughes Virtuoso

      I'm having an issue in my test R/D lab with the latest 3.5u3 installation. I install everything like I would normally and have for 3.5u2 but once the installation is complete when it boots up the keyboard no longer works. Obviously I've checked the basic connections and the problem is on both of my x346 boxes so the common factor is with the U3 install.








      Normally I get little red/pink warning messages on the screen but it never seems to hinder anything, and I know they are unsupported boxes but I get these errors listed below:









      cpu0:1024) chipset: 604: Failed to collect ACPI interrupt routing information... trying MPS



      cpu0:1024) PCI: 2390: failed for 000:02.0



      cpu0:1024) PCI: 2390: failed for 000:04.0



      cpu0:1024) PCI: 2390: failed for 000:05.0



      cpu0:1024) PCI: 2390: failed for 000:06.0



      I'm not expecting to get a detailed answer besides the one I would normally give out being that it is unsupported hardware (just to keep rparkers posts to a minimum ) Anyone else having small issues with the 3.5U3 fresh install? I'm trying to prepare to maybe upgrade our production boxes in but this issue isn't giving me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I'm going to try and do an U2 fresh install and upgrade to U3 and see if that does anything but any thoughts would be appreciated.





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