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    how to failover san path back to first hba

    haynespc Novice

      we have two vmware esx 3 servers connected to an active/passive msa1000, the san switch at the rear of the primary controller failed, we have replaced and verified firmware/config/fabric os are all the same on both san switches, verified both controllers were ok too.  both servers see both paths (after rescanning) now that it is using the secondary hba path, how do i fail it back over to the first hba and path.


      also as a side note is there any issue with making the first hba path (on both servers )as fixed (vs MRU) so that should a failover occur and after replacing hardware it will automagically fail back over to the primary controller/path.  ( somehow this seems way too easy and that there are more steps than just making it a fixed path)


      after reviewing the san guide, it says that the MSA1000 should be set to MRU, so i will leave that alone.


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