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    Server 2 memory?

    wildblue Novice

      Is server 2 more of a memory hog?  With 1.x.x I could run 2 Windows XP VMs with 768mb each on a host with 2GB and never have any problems.  Now the same setup, just upgrade to Server 2, and it starts swapping like mad making the VMs unuseable.

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          Griffyn Enthusiast

          In the remote console, click the host in the Inventory, then under Configure Options, click Edit Host Settings.  Make sure you've selected 'Fit all virtual memory into reserved host RAM'.

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            wila Guru
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            Also be aware that if you enable 3d acceleration on your guest VM that each VM will take another 128MB in host memory.



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              wildblue Novice


              I've tried 'fit all into ram' and when I go to power one of the machines it it wants to drop that machine's memory to 344.  It's supposed to be reserving 1536mb... I don't know... just seems odd that I never had a problem with ver 1






              3d acceleration IS enabled, but there's no  svga.vramSize set -- the default is 128?



              I'll try disabling 3d acesleration and see if that helps