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    GPS Garmin 496 , USB; Device not recognized

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      I am trying to connect my USB device Garmin 496 to my XP running unter VM. The device is not recognized. I can not update driver and so on.



      it is just not connecting.



      The device is detected well under: Win XP, Win Vista, Bootcam (Win XP) and under Mac OS






      But not under the Virtual Machine






      I found in this formum several questions for the  same problem ...but no real answers.






      Here are the system details









      Apple Mac Book, 4GB RAM, 160 GB HD.



      GPS Garmin 496 (flight navigation GPS), USB cable. Device similar as GPS Garmin 296, 295, 495









      1) Mac OS. Leopard, all current updates 2) Windows XP Home , all current updatres and SP's (SP3).



      VM Fusion, current version  (as by 11.2008)






      Final Application



      Software is Flight Planner, which has a mode to transfer flight plans to the Garmin GPS.



      But this only works if the USB device is recognized and properly installed under Win XP






      Btw: Under Parrallel Desktop on another mac I have the same problem with the Garmin GPS 496. here is says "Device is used by another process"






      Thank you for any help