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    Fusion 2.0.1 and Spaces

    Jason9 Novice



      When going to full screen mode, Fusion does not stay fixed in the same spaces frame. It does however, return to this space when I exit full screen mode. The problem with this is, spaces overshadows (foreground) all my apps in the frame it takes over. I've attached a video clip. Just before Fusion goes full screen you'll see the spaces navigation widget appear in the lower center of the screen indicating we've shifted once space to the right.


      If anyone knows how I can report this bug, or anchor Fusion to the frame it runs in before I go full screen, I'd appreciate it.

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          Victor122008 Novice

          You could try to organize your spaces.

          You could have one for VMware Fusion, one for working, one for games, one for other stuff

          Then start up VMware Fusion in your VM space and if it jumps again then drag it back to the VM space and it might sort it out.


          Thats what I do



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            Jason9 Novice

            Hi Victor: Thanks for the reply.


            I think this part of Fusion is just buggy and I'll need to wait for VMWare to improve the quality. Shortly after this post going into full screen mode only showed about one-half of my screen starting in the center and going towards the lower right. The rest was black. When I quit VMWare and restarted both problems went away. Since I keep running into issues related to full screen mode, three issues in the last few days, I believe the code is just a bit flakey and needs some work.


            Does anyone know how to enter a formal bug report?

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              The problem is that OS X doesn't have APIs to programmatically interact with Spaces. We're aware of problems with Spaces, but Apple needs to give us APIs.

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