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    Installing Palm Desktop for Garmin iQUE 3600

    somers96 Lurker


      Updated my VM Fusion to V2.0.1.  Attempted to install the Palm desktop for my Garmin iQUE-3600 GPS/PDA on my WIN-XP-Pro SP3 virtual machine. 



      The software hangs up when the Palm Desktop (thru the Garmin installer) attempts to Hot Sync the iQue.  [I have Hot Sync'ed this iQUE thru Parallels V3 on the MAC Pro running 10.4.11. It works which validates my usb connection the the iQUE cradle.



      The hot sync runs, makes a connection and starts to 'sync' then stops.  The IQUE (and Palm) says the connection was 'broken',  When I check the VM 'USB' stats, it does not show the Garmin connected. It did however show 'disconnect Garimn device' in the USB-stats once.



      Attempted to do this several times during the Garmin Palm desktop installation.  If went farther each time it tried. It finally stopped and would not connect the Hotsync.



      Then "crossOver" started and asked to istall the application.  I allowed it, and it never completed and had error message about the USB connection.



      While the "CrossOver" was running it came up with a message I was to install Apples Bootcamp somewhere, but being I lazy bum-did not copy yhe exact error messge.Hung my machine up in WIN-XP-Pro shut down (in a guest? app).



      Could not get it to do anything.  Reverted to previous good Win_XP-Pro SP3 (saved after SP3 installation) install.Now do not have any Garmin or Palm apps on the Virtual MAchine.






      Ant one know how to install a "Palm" device using a USB Cradle foe the sync device (Palm seems to want COM(x) port but will work with the Garmin USB port.



      And what, if any thing do i need to do with BOOT CAMP?   When I initialized my Leopard (10.5.5) disk, I added a Boot Camp partition but never installed anything into it.



      I have NO Boot Camp partition on my Tiger (10.4.11) HD.