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    UNSUPPORTED ESXi 3.5u2 Installable on Dell Latitude D630 as portable test/eval/demo

    grcumm Enthusiast

      I did this more as a demonstation to myself to see if it was posible.


      Platform: Dell Latitude D630, BIOS A12, Intel Core2 Duo T7100, 1GiB RAM (yes, VERY low), ICH8M chipset, BCM5755M onboard NIC.

      BIOS Config: REQUIRES change of SATA operation to ATA (Onboard Devices/SATA Operation; not AHCI; requires that Flash Module is disabled); Recommend enabling Multi Core Support (Performance) and Virtualization(POST Behavior).  Uncertain on Dynamic Acceleration and SpeedStep Enable (both under Performance; I have both enabled at the moment).


      Installed directly from CD (VMware-VMvisor-InstallerCD-3.5.0_Update_2-110271.i386.iso) with no issues to the SATA HDD.  Automatically created a VMFS datastore in the free space of the HDD (as expected).


      As to be expected, the SATA optical drive is not usable within ESXi.