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    Memory utilization and firewall configuration

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      Hi Friends,



      I have two esx servers and on both two vms ie win2k3 AD , Win2k3 Std  with WAS and linux  these all servers monitoring thorugh opsmanager , m y question in ops manage both esx server showing memory utilisation 98 to 100% but i just os on both esx, console memory is 252 mb. why its showing ? both physcial memory esx is 1 GB , all 3 vms memory is 512 mb



      when i enabled snmpd on esx server in Virtual Center Security profile , does not s.nmp runing status ?



      how do i firewall confiure on esx console level .



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          Well to start with 1 GB is not much memory for an ESX server - first you need to under stand there are three things using memory on you ESX host -


          1. The service console - in essence a VM that helps you manage your VM - this by default is given 272 MB of memory

          2. The Vmkernel - this is what does you virtualization and the memory use will fluctuate as you have more vms

          3. The Virtual Machine - this is the memory used by your VMs


          So what you are seeing - The console memory is the service console so you are using 252 out of the default 272 - the remainder is being used by the vmkernel and VMs and that is why you are seeing a utilization of 908%-100%



          In regards to the firewall not sure what you are attempting to do - the firewall ports on the service console can either be controlled by the VI Client for a set of predefined ports or from the console command line with the command esxcfg-firewall






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