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    HA Error

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      May I know what is wrong with the configuration?



      HA Agent on 10.x.x.x in Cluter London in London DC has an error






      In Addition, Am I right to say that those vm which I would like to Vmotion should be part of the Cluster?









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          HA Agent on 10.x.x.x in Cluter London in London DC has an error


          Remove the /var/log/vmware/aam/*.log files for the problem. It is never clear from this error. It could be any number of issues. But as of this error, HA is not operable on that system. IN some cases it requires recreating the cluster to fix. :}


          In Addition, Am I right to say that those vm which I would like to Vmotion should be part of the Cluster?


          No. VMotion just requires a common data store, not a cluster. EVC however requires a cluster just not HA or DRS.


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            The issue I see is you need to add your ESX Host to VC not by IP address but by FQDN this ties into proper DNS setup and you will need to use the FQDN - and as Ed indicated vmotion is not necessary for HA - remember HA will restart the vms not migrate them -






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              pomiwi Enthusiast


              I had the same error as this and the previous poster was right - it could be a number of possible causes.  I would try the following one by one testing HA each time:



              1. Restart both hosts one by one



              2. Ensure both hosts have DNS setup correctly and have DNS entries for their service console adapters



              3. Browse to /etc/opt/vmware/aam and edit FT_HOSTS.  Ensure all service console adapters are listed in the following format:



              IP Address Hostname



              i.e. SCADAHOST1






              4. Restart the Managemt Service by running: service mgmt-vmware restart



              5. Disable HA on the cluster then re-enable



              6. Delete the Cluster and recreate






              Let me know how you get on, cheers



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                I have one esx setup at the moement. Is that a potential issue for the error?



                n addition, although vmotion required a common datastore, can vmotion work in a Cluster Eironment(New->Cluster) not Microsoft cluster.









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                  Troy Clavell Guru

                  you can't have an HA cluster with just one ESX Host, there is no failover capacity.  This is why you are seeing the error.

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                    Thanks. One last questions, should   those vm that need to vmotion to be in a cluster group?









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                      Craig Baltzer Expert


                      To move VMs using vmotion that is initiated from the VI client by you (i.e. pick a VM and select "Migrate...") there is no dependency on the VM being on a host that is in a cluster group. For DRS to do the migration then the VM has to be on a ESX box that is part of a cluster...



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                        Troy Clavell Guru

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                          Kiil Novice





                          I've got almost the same problem.  The error message "HA agent on <esxi host> in cluster <cluster_name> has an error"  are coming ang going away several times during the day.  Anyone who have experienced the same thingand have a hint of what I can do to fix it ?



                          Info about the system: I'm running 3 ESXi hosts, ver. 3.5.0 build  110271, and VC, ver. 2.5.0 build 104215.