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      Nine Fine Guys - $40.00



      Cheesecake - $12.00



      Crap Game losses - $300.00



      V-Bar - $112.00



      Hotel Stay - $571.00






      Meeting the experts and spending time with people from the forums in person, PRICELESS!






      Thanks to Kyle, Jason, Eric, Ed, Tom, Steve, and Terri (sorry if I forgot some other names).  We really had a good time.  I was thrilled to meet everyone.  It was a blast. 



      I personally didn't think much of the cheesy wifi setups (and I accidentally bumped everyone off one of them -- oops) and I thought VM Ware could have spent just a little more time on the "event" we did at the LVMS, that was somewhat of a dissapointment, at least for me.  It was as if it was a last minute "get together" idea.  Anyway, the Vendor Room was awesome, reminded me of Comdex from years ago.  I met some really cool people (you know who you are!).  It was fun meeting all of you, we have to this again.






      I really enjoyed the VM World overall (sans the connectivity issues on my phone).  I look forward to the new stuff coming out.  This will be a fantastic 2009.  Can't wait.



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          You only lost 300$ at the crap tables? Oh and thanks for the round(s) at the V-Bar I would say it was a good showing, even though you were pre-occupied with a certain someone for most of the night... wont say any names I did find it funny how everyone was like "Ohhhhh you're rparker.....yea.....





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            It was interesting the first time I put on the alias for VMTN.... I was a nobody until they saw that then it was quite a few double takes.... Perhaps next time the VMTN community will have printed tags. Perhaps a badge or something printer at the VMTN booth.


            Great fun a V-Bar, I got to meet quite a few names.


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              Great meeting everyone, at the V-bar and elsewhere, loads of fun, cheers guys, until next time!




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