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    Change "Observed IP Ranges"? for NIC

    rdg1 Novice

      How do I change the Observed IP Ranges for my vmnic0/vSwitch0?



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          weinstein5 Guru


          As I recall those are addresses the ESX host detects from a DHCP server - so to changes those you will need to change your DHCP server - what are you trying to accomplish?






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            rdg1 Novice

            My DHCP: -

            vmnic0 - Observed IP Ranges: -


            How can I get vmnic0 to match my DHCP?

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              Rumple Master


              If its showing the 169 addresses (automatic addresses), then you have something miss configured on your network or switches as its not seeing the broadcasts on that subnet.



              Are you using managed switches or plan dlink/linksys switches? 



              Do you have that nic plugged into the same switch as your DHCP server?



              Did you configure port groups on that nic when you probably don't need to?



              I'd suspect this is a simple layer 2 network since you are using the default network for a linksys router so you should not have any port groups defined on your vswitches.



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                rdg1 Novice

                I have a 100mb Verizon Modem/Switch which has the DHCP connected to a Windows XP Workstation running VI3. I have a gigabit switch connected to VMware ESX, the Windows XP Workstation and to a OpenFiler iSCSI. The goal is to connect the VMware ESX Host to the OpenFiler iSCSI. The iSCSI Software adapter doesn't find the OpenFiler iSCSI box while hitting rescan after checking to make sure the iSCSI port 3260 is open and VMKernel is setup and network access is set on the OpenFiler box and the iSCSI Initiator discovery is set. I can also ping the VMware ESX from the OpenFiler box and I can ping the OpenFiler box from the VMware ESX box.

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                  rdg1 Novice

                  I rearranged my network. I plugged my gigabit switch directly into my FIOS router. I have the ESX Host plugged into the gigabit switch. The DHCP is on the FIOS router. The DHCP IP range is set to to with a subnet mask of . The Observed IP Range is still showing: - . There has to be a way to change the Observed IP Range or have ESX host recognize the DHCP on the FIOS Router.

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                    Rumple Master

                    ok..here is a silly question.  do you have any VM's actually on the vswitch that using the phyical nic.


                    the observed IP range is just for helping identify networks.  It doesn't do anything so don't get too hung up on that as it usually looks at the arp tables to see what network it is, and if there is not traffic on the link it probably won't figure it out anyhow. 


                    Just to clarify, you have an ESX host with 2 network cards in it. 

                    Network card 1 is running the service console and is plugged into pSwitchA and is assigned in ESX to vSwitchA

                    Network card 2 is plugged into pSwitchA and is assigned in ESX to vSwitchB

                    Router A is plugged into pSwitchA


                    Is that correct layout?

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                      rdg1 Novice

                      I have just started setting up ESX. I have no VMs yet. I am trying to add a OpenFiler iSCSI server. I have 2 nics. The first is connected to the gigabit switch, the gigabit switch is connected to the FIOS Router. The 2nd nic is disabled.


                      Thanks for your time on this issue.

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                        Rumple Master

                        ok..so DHCP doesn't matter as nothing should be setup with DHCP addresses for management nic's.


                        Next, goto google and type ESX openfiler setup


                        you will get this link




                        or use the vmware resources section to filer documents based on VI 3 and vmware and use this document - http://www.vmware.com/resources/techresources/1006


                        This will explain how to set it up.  If you need assistance getting the base ESX up and running then you have a coupel choices:

                        #1- take the course and learn how to do it properly through show and tell

                        #2 -http://pubs.vmware.com/vi3i_i35/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm


                        In short, you need to actually read and understand how it works before slapping it together and thinking its as easy as next,next,next.

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                          bruceblue Lurker

                          Hi, I have two NIC's that only see an observed IP range of 1 e.g " -".  Can someone confirm how this observed range is actually picked up,


                          I have checked our DHCP server and 169 IP's from the 254 pool have been blocked out for distribution but I would have thought it would still see an observerved range of 1-254.


                          If anyone has any ideas on what to check I would appreciate it.