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    Favorite Sessions/Labs

    khughes Virtuoso


      With the release of the sessions and labs coming in the coming weeks, was interested in what sessions and/or labs were your favorites, and why? I'll be downloading quite a few including the ones I went to but would be interested in finding other good sessions that I might have missed.






      Oh and don't say the VMTN community session, bunch of brown nosers....






      I'll say that my favorite sessions were both based off of security, partly because that's where I wanted to improve my skills and help my company: Practical Securing Solutions for a Virtual Infrastructure (po2773) and Securing VMware Infrastructure: Lockdown and operations (po2412). I found both of them well presented and full of good security tips and best practices.






      In the lockdown and operations they took a visio snapshot of a large company that used ESX and broke down all their security messures and configuration, said what was good, what was bad, and what they might have done differently. I found that way of deminstrating it very easy to follow and very well explained.



      So what are your favorites?





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          JDLangdon Master

          I also attended the Securing VMware Infrastructure: Lockdown and operations (po2412) session and found it to be very informative.


          The VMware Infrastructure  - Security Hardening & Best Practices (VMware VirtualCenter - VMware ESX & VMware ESXi) lab was a waste of time,to be honest, I heard most instructor-lead labs were a waste of time.


          The Advanced Log Analysis for VMware ESX/ESXi 3.5 session was interesting but it was limited to storage logs due to the amount of time allotted to the presentor.


          John Davis' Advanced Performance Tuning for VMware Infrastructure 3 was interesting, re-enforced somethings I have forgotten and he through in a few jokes to keep it interesting.


          Both General Sessions were very interesting and worth listening to.


          As for the VMTN Experts forum, while it was great to finally met our community experts, the session wasn't that great.  Each speaker should have been given their own microphone with the volume level adjusted accordingly.  I also found that the questions were of a technical nature.  I would have preferred to hear more about what our experts have been working on and implementing as opposed to having the solve problems without knowing the details of the environment.



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            khughes Virtuoso

            I too was in the Adv Log session, and as it was interesting, it was too early for that scale of information (at least for me).  As for the VMTN I would agree I wish it wasn't a "live forum board" where it was please solve my problem.  When I thought about the session longer, we can't put it down because they answered the questions asked, and if we wanted to know what their thoughts were or what they were working on, we have no one to blame but ourselves for not asking :P  If I'm at VMworld next year and they have this session, which I should since it's in SF, I'll have a few non-fix-my-problem questions ready to go.




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              I have a couple in mind already:



              1) Tom - Who cuts your hair



              2)  Beaver - What's in that knapsack?







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