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    System hang at mouse click

    davidjones022 Lurker


      I am running opensuse 10.3 with virtual server 2.0 beta installed.  I installed Centos5.2 and fedora 8 as guest OS's.  Supper sweet!!!  Well, it would be if I could get the thing to work in the manner I need it to. 



      I am running virtual server 2.0 beta because the same problem was occuring with the last version.  I somewhat assumed it was VMware because this is where the problem always occured.  Not sure anymore.  I can VNC to my host no problem.  I can start the virtual machines without problem.  However when I open the console for either of the guess os's and attempt to click on anything within there, the connection hangs.  I allocated 2gb of memory for each guest OS because I am lucky enough to have 8gb.  I thought this may be the problem but was wrong.  It is very strange because if I get up off my rump and walk to the host machine everything appears fine.  I cannot reestablish VNC connection even after closing the VNC connection from my remote desktop which by the way is running XP.  Instead I have to reboot the host system then return and VNC back to host which it allows again without issue.   Every change I make doesn't seem to matter and results in me having to reboot the host system to remote connect again. 



      Has anyone seen this?  Any suggestions?  I somewhat believe it has to be some small configuration change I need to make but have no idea what it could be.