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    Problem with shared folder

    johnmcsoft Lurker

      I've been happily using Fusion for several months now, and everything's worked just great. I was able to access files on my Mac's hard drive from within Windows without any problems at all.


      Today I upgraded to Fusion 2.0 and XP Service Pack 3. I cannot get to the files on my Mac's hard drive anymore. I turned on "Share folders on your Mac" and added an entry to my home folder. I get this message from Fusion: "some shared or mirrored folders cannot be enabled because they are subfolders or parent folders of folders that are already shared or mirrored."


      I do not have any mirrored folders turned on, and I only have the one entry in "Share folders on your Mac".


      What on earth has gone wrong?!? I am dead in the water without access to the files on my Mac!


      Thanks for any suggestions -


      - John

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          mudaltsov Expert

          The warning is for when Mirrored Folders or additional Shared Folders are disabled because they may contain each other (which could cause data loss in Windows if you try to overwrite a file with itself from another location). In your case, it sounds like Mirrored Folders are disabled since you're sharing your Home folder, which triggers the warning.


          You should still be able to use the shared folder in Windows as long as the "Share folders on your Mac" checkbox is checked, and "On" checkbox for your shared folder is checked.