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    Remote CLI question

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      I've setup an ESXi server that's working fine and installed the remote cli application to my XP workstation, I also have the virtual appliance running but not tried it yet.  I've been trying to connect to my ESXi server but keep getting an error.  To start with I just tried a simple example as indicated in the documentation:


      vicfg-mpath.pl --server --user "root" --password "mypassword" --list


      The came back with an error saying unknown option: user


      Then I tried the same command using a config file, exactly the same as in the manual:


      vicfg-mpath.pl --config c:\myconfig.txt --list


      It then prompts me for my Username and Password which I then enter and then I get a popup Perl.exe windows saying:


      perl.exe - ordinal not found: The ordinal 2821 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll


      Has anyone got any ideas?  Does anyone have any simple commands I can try out, I've been trying to do just a simple vm list, but that's not working either:


      vmware-cmd.pl --server --user "root" --password "mypassword" -l