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        COS Master

        Martin, I totally agree, however, It is highly recommended that if one patch worked, you should wait a while for a much more stable patch later. Also I HIGHLY recommend using the "Good ol fashioned" commandline patch at the console. UM seems to be having some issues on updates. Basically too many incremental patches going on. If one patch fixed the expiry bug then stick with it till a solid patch is released. This goes for everyone else out there. There's really no need to patch every minor version of the expiry bug. If the first patch worked for you and you can VMotion, Storage Vmotion and DRS is working, hell, take the rest of the day off and have a dang BEER!

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          Martin Norrsken Novice

          The problem was that while I was patching, the UM downloaded the "new" upgrade 2, so half of my servers got the "bugged" u2. Also the update manager worked so bad that it took several tries and reboots of the ESX hosts to get the update going.


          Today HA stopped working everywhere, so I've spent the morning putting every machine in maintenance mode, putting it in another cluster, leaving maintenance mode, entering maintenance mode and putting it back in the original cluster. It seems to work now.



          Also: When migrating the virtual center server with DRS during this time, Virtual Center promptly bugged and I had to restart the service. Solid...

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            crazychris Novice

            Patch Works.


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              JamesClements Lurker


              I have posted my experience of the update bug issue here:









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