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    VMWare Infrastructure Power Documenter New Release (1.0.1)

    tzamora Novice

      hi people, for those of you who have already downloaded VMWare Infrastructure Power Documenter (http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-7473 ) I'm very happy to announce that the issue reported at section "Know Issues" at readme file has been solved. I'm attaching the fixed Power Documenter version to this message. For those of you who have not downloaded the Power Documenter this is the latest version so I invited you to download it and start using it. I'm pretty sure it can be of help for many of you


      VMware Power Documenter is a PowerShell script that uses the VMware Infraestructure Toolkit and Open Xml Power Tools  to create reports in Open Xml formats for VMware infraestructure.






      UPDATE: I have now corrected some fixes :P