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    Schedule Builder Feedback

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      I generally like how the schedule builder has evolved and it's better this year than it has been previous years.  However, one thing about it that is a bummer is that it doesn't allow overlapping content - even for personal time items of which I have been trying to plug several in that in some areas overlap start or finish times.  It doesn't allow me to add two entries for the same time slot so that I can make a last minute decision on where I'm going to choose to spend my time.


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          I totally agree on the overlapping issue.  I had to fudge my schedule a bit to accomidate for overlapping items.



          Also, I did not like how you could not see what other sessions were going on during a time period if you already had something scheduled during that time period.  You had to actually remove it from you schedule before you could look at the other sessions that were taking place during that same block of time. 



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            JDLangdon Master

            I had overlapping content in my schedule.  Granted I've since dropped one of the overlapping sessions but they did overlap.