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    Oops, mangled VI Center permissions.

    Mr.Flibble Hot Shot

      On our test machines, ESX 3.5, VI Center 2.5 I was playing around with the permissions on one of the images. I deleted "Domain Admins" from the permissions list on the VM, but left a test user access with "VM Power User settings". Right after I did this, the VM vanished from my sight, as I am a domain admin. I can still log in as the test user and gain access to the image (or direct through ESX and root).




      I now have no administrator level privileges to this VM, so now I can no longer edit the permissions on the machine and restore access to my regular user. It turns out that this machine has no access other than the test user. Thus, I have no access to modify the image as the test user does not have that level of access!




      I know I can just turn the VM off, and bring it back in under my regular domain user and everything will keep on ticking along . However, given that this is a test environment, and I am trying to test stuff just like this on purpose, how can I go about getting the permissions set back on this image without re-importing the VM as my user (the administrator) cant see the machine?


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