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    Port Group Types

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      Greetings Powershell VI-Toolkit folks!



      Is there a way to tell what Type a port group is? Say a Service Console or VMKernel port group?  This would be rather useful.









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          Something quick and dirty.

          It will show for an ESX host the switchname, portgroup and the portgroup type.

          $net = Get-View -id (Get-VMHost -Name <ESX-name> | Get-View).ConfigManager.NetworkSystem
          foreach($pg in $net.NetworkInfo.Portgroup){
            if($pg.Port -eq $null) {
              Write-Host $pg.Spec.VswitchName $pg.Spec.Name "Virtual Machine Port Group"}
            else {Write-Host $pg.Spec.VswitchName $pg.Spec.Name $pg.Port[0].Type}


          Note that it will give a type of "host" for VMkernel port groups.

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            Yeah... umm...






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              He has that effect.


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                Well it seems my previous script was mostly "dirty", there is a problem with that script.

                For the explanation of the problem see  Re: Get list of available networks on an ESX host.


                This should be a "working" script.

                $netsystem = Get-View -id (Get-VMHost -Name <ESX-name> | Get-View).ConfigManager.NetworkSystem
                $noVMnic = @{}
                foreach($vnic in $netsystem.NetworkInfo.ConsoleVnic){ 
                  $noVMnic[http://$vnic.Portgroup|http://$vnic.Portgroup] = $true
                foreach($vnic in $netsystem.NetworkInfo.Vnic){ 
                  $noVMnic[http://$vnic.Portgroup|http://$vnic.Portgroup] = $true
                foreach($pg in $netsystem.NetworkInfo.Portgroup){ 
                  if(! $noVMnic.ContainsKey($pg.Spec.Name)){
                    Write-Host $pg.Spec.VswitchName $pg.Spec.Name "Virtual Machine Port Group"
                    Write-Host $pg.Spec.VswitchName $pg.Spec.Name $pg.Port[0].Type


                Since the forum SW seems to have problems with square brackets I attached the script.