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        gi-minni Enthusiast


        I fully agree with you, we need an extra time period before delivering golden code to ensure product stability and quality, but honestly time bombs can only be found if

        a professional team of software engineers do a lot of regression and NFR tests following strict rollout guidelines with a lot of automation testing.


        I know that VMware use this time bomb procedure since the early days of Workstation 2 to ensure beta code is not used after a certain time period.


        My question is now: Even they don't implement this the very first time, how could this be undiscovered couple of weeks after release?


        I think that complexity, market and competitors pressure does not allow to test every things and side effects in a decent manner

        and we all know this needs time, money and excellent skilled staff.


        I am confident that VMware learned a lot from yesterday and hope the black Thuesday remains a singular event in VMware history.



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          tvleavitt Hot Shot


          Yo, Paul.



          You talk about improving Q.A., but when I go here:






          and click on the links to the KB articles (which point to kb.vmware.com), I get redirected here:






          and get "Server not found."



          If I change "kb2" to "kb" in the URL above, I get to the proper URL. Seems like this is another Q.A. problem...



          This is a minor irritation, but folks under stress may not think to edit the URL, and it certainly doesn't make a positive impression. Suggest you fix this, ASAP.






          Thomas Leavitt






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            Hi Thomas --


            I'm not Paul, but I'll try to help. I can't reproduce the problem now (via Comcast in CA) -- the redirect to kb2 works fine -- but I will report it to the appropriate teams.


            In addition, problem reports to customer service, tech support, or webmaster should get routed the same teams, so if it's a widespread problem, we should soon know.



            VMware Communities

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              Hi Thomas --


              The team suspects you may have stale data in your DNS cache. (The page is being served worldwide through Akamai, which gives you a geographically-specific IP address to pull from.) Can you flush your DNS cache and try again? You can try doing a DNS lookup before and after to see if the IP has changed, as well.



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                tvleavitt Hot Shot


                Thanks for the quick response, John



                You're probably correct. I will do this when I'm on site at that particular client again tomorrow in the morning. I was most likely incorrect in assuming that kb2 had just been created and that the site's servers wouldn't have anything cached for it as a result.












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                  Dear VMware Customers,






                  In addition to the express patch and the re-issued ESX/ESXi 3.5 Update 2 release, we now have an alternative installation process for customers who haven't applied either to hosts that were affected by the product expiration issue.






                  Below are the details we list at http://www.vmware.com/landing_pages/esxexpresspatches.html:






                  *Known VMware ESX 3.5 Update 2 Express Patch Installation Challenges



                  The following message is applicable ONLY for customers who had installed the impacted release of ESX 3.5 Update 2 (build number 103908), but not yet applied the express patch.



                  We are aware that you may encounter the following challenges installing the express patches needed to correct the problem:


                  • Internal change control procedures

                  • No available server to VMotion running VM's onto

                  • Unable to schedule a maintenance window


                  If you experience one of the challenges listed above, please contact your support provider and indicate you need assistance with the U2 Alternative Install Process (U2 AIP). The support team can assist customers with this alternative installation procedure.









                  The VMware ESX Product Team



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