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    Open letter to VMWare

    karnaugh Novice

      Dear VMWare


      Please get off your lazy ass and sign your Windows Vista drivers for VMWare Server. How hard can it be? People know it used to work under Vista 64, but due to the new nanny state of Microsoft it now completely blocks the driver installation with no override. So please, just sign your drivers. It's the year 2008 for gods sake.







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          Mr.Flibble Hot Shot


          Given how much you actually paid out of pocket for VMware Server I think complaning like this is a bit unfair.



          The workaround in the interim is to press F8 while booting, and select the "Allow Unsigned Drivers" option. You must do this on every boot.



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            SMB Expert

            Perhaps you should aim your vitriol at the entity that actually deserves it and try and clue someone in at Microsoft that it's not their place to decide what should and should not run on your computer.


            Since Vista is not a supported host, I doubt VMWare sees a need to go through whatever MS demands for driver signing.

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              karnaugh Novice


              I can't complain because it's free? What an absurd comment. I can't expect a useful or timely response - sure. 



              As for manualy allowing unsigned drivers on every boot, that's not exactly the worlds most feasible long term solution. There are also numerous reports of it no longer working since SP1.



              Since VMWare have put out so many point releases of Server 1 since Vista 64 release, it is somewhat ludicrous that no one took the time to sign the drivers. Even OpenVPN has managed ages ago.






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                Peter_vm Guru

                My understanding is that VMware doesn't want Server to run on Vista machines.

                That is their way to say so. No signed drivers for it.

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                  Mr.Flibble Hot Shot


                  Of course you can complain, that is not the point. You posted an "open" letter with a derisive tone. This is on a bit of sofware that is free as in beer, not as in speech. The tone of your letter is not constructive, and it is not going to speed things up in any way.



                  You are running an unsupported OS, and demanding free support? Seems a little strange to me. Furthermore, you post it in the forums, where there are people like myself who use VMware (Workstation, Server, ESX 3.5, VI Center) and come here for support, but also come here looking to help others. If you absolutely have to get Vista to run, then I suggest a supported platform. I don't know your requirements, but there are other things around too like XEN.



                  Just remember that the people at VMware have jobs just like us, and they like to get paid. I would expect that the support will be out someday, but complaining on the forums won't make it arrive any faster.



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                    karnaugh Novice


                    You're confusing support with support. One means if I have a problem I expect it to be fixed in X time. The other means that it works. I don't need support, I'm not asking for someone to hold my hand in diagnosing a guest issue.  The inverse to say something is "unsupported" is that it works but you get to hold the pieces. 



                    When something does not work, it is "broken" not "unsupported". Server on Vista x64 is broken. It has been broken for a great deal longer than is sensible. I'm not asking for "free support", I'm telling VMware that their stuff is needlessly broken in the hope that they will wake up so I can continue to support my self.



                    You can't moan at someone for wanting "free support" anyway if there is no option to buy VMWare Server in the first place. If I can pay money to make it magically work in Vista 64 then please show me where, otherwise stop trying to defend them



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                      Mr.Flibble Hot Shot


                      Actually, I have a licenced copy of Vmware Server, back from when it was GSX, yes, paid money for it too. And no, you can't magically pay to make it work. Since it does not work, and probably won't for a while, your soultion then is to stick with what you have, or, move to a different product. Server is not the only platform out there.



                      My guess is that the delay on the drivers for Server is specifically due to what Microsoft is doing with Hyper-V.



                      If Vmware Server does not work for what you need, look at the other options around. You have not even said why you need this version, or what your required goals are. You basically just filed a complaint on a forum. Usually, we post here because we have a problem and are looking for a fix. But if you want to vent, I guess that is ok too.



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                        johnhc Hot Shot





                        I will not participate in the contest going on here, but will suggest a solution to allow you to support yourself. Here is a link to driver Signing. I have not tried it but it does not look too terrible and I don't know if you are talking about one or hundreds of drivers. Please let us know if you think this has any value.



                        Enjoy, John.


                        Host and Guest Systems:

                        Windows XP Pro x64 Edition;

                        VMware Server 2.0.0RC1, Build 101586

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                          asatoran Champion
                          karnaugh wrote:


                          ...When something does not work, it is "broken" not "unsupported". Server on Vista x64 is broken. It has been broken for a great deal longer than is sensible....


                          Of course it's staying "broken" becaue it IS unsupported.  Why provide a fix for something that is not supported?






                          Your request really is for Vista as a supported host OS.  In that case, if the drivers wern't signed, then you have a legitimate complaint about Server being "broken."   Right now you only have a request for an additional supported host OS.  That is a legitimate request and has been for quite some time.  But that does not appear to be the direction that VMWare is going with Server so you shouldn't hold your breath.



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