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    VCB backup failures with specific virtual machines

    tomaddox Hot Shot

      I have successfully gotten VCB working with EMC Networker, but I am now having issues with specific virtual machines.  The errors are as follows:


      • :ALLVMFS Error: Error while opening disk vpxa-nfc://<vm disk info>:902!52 b0 51 2d de 0b d9 40-f9 0c 65 c7 6c 2c 6f 23: A virtual disk could not be opened. -- An invalid field name was used in a query string (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040204)


      and the very informative


      Unknown error:

      Exit Code: -2146234327


      The first error has been received on two VMs, while the second has only occurred once.  For the latter error, VCB was able to mount the virtual machine's drives on the proxy, but then the error was thrown.