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    A general system error occurred: Internal Error

    ufo8mydog Enthusiast


      Hi there,



      I'm completely puzzled by this error "A general system error occurred: Internal error"



      I am using a trial VI Client (55 days remaining) with one ESX 3.5 host. The VMs are stored on an iSCSI SAN. I added several VM's and was able to load the O/S and start them up.



      However, for no good reason after a couple of days it started popping up with "general system errors" when I attempted to power on the virtual machines. I can still create new VM's, there is a VM that is still running, and judging from the SAN the host has had a continuous connection to the LUNs.



      Just to finish off the saga, last night I changed the time on the ESX host. It miracously started working and powering up VMs on command - but as soon as I added an additional VM things went pear shaped.