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    Icons missing from Network and Dial-up Connections after P2V

    kurtwest Enthusiast


      I have had an issue while doing P2V's of some of my Windows 2000 Servers. I am using VMConverter 3.0.3 and it has happened with VMConverter 3.0.2 Update 1.  When I do the conversion the conversion completes, but when I look the the VM there are no icons at all in the Network and Dial-up Connections folder.  It is not just my Local Area Conenction icons that are missing, but the Make New Connection icon is mising as well.  Then when I go back to the physical server the same thing is happening there.  I am 100% certian the issue was not there before the converion.  I found a MS article on troublshooting this issue, but my question is why is this happening during conversions.






      I can not reproduce the issue at will, but it has happend a few times to me.  I have quite a few W2K servers to covnert to VMs, so I want to find out how I can avoid it.  I am unable to configure the network on the VM when this happens.