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Display a warning when users enable AutoProtect

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Please add a big, fat information/warning to the VM's "AutoProtect" settings dialog, to make users aware that "AutoProtect" is not a replacement for backup!

VMTN Users are frequently reporting issues with VMs, which cannot be powered on anymore all of a sudden, with errors like "The system cannot find the file specified." etc.

Such issues mainly occur with VM's that have 2GB sparse virtual disks, and lots of snapshots (often created by "AutoProtect"), which results in a huge number of .vmdk files.

In most of these cases the issues are caused by one, or more missing random data .vmdk files.


So again, please add something like:

Caution: AutoProtect will allow to revert to a previous state of the VM, but it does NOT replace backups!

to the settings page.




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