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VMware Storage

The clue is in the name, this community is simply here to share, discuss and collaborate on all things storage. If you have any suggestions on how this place could be improved, ping the admin - Steven Santini

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Have a Linux VM that is using 8.4 GB when I check disk space using sudo du -h --max-depth=1   On the ESXI host, the storage the VM is using is marked as using 166 GB.....I dont understand why the… (Show more)
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I work for a small company and we have a smaller Synology  NAS solution where around 8 employees store/share their work files like MS Office files in a total of 200GB.   Now. my boss wants me to… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
So I need to convert my VMDK to a VHD but first of all I need to merge all the disk images but when I do this the disk is created but  when scanning for it to add and test in Vmware station it can't… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
For some reasons, I need to make an image from entire ESXi host. It is a physical server, I don't know the root password. It's ESXi 6.0 standalone host.   I want to make a copy from entire server,… (Show more)
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Dears, I have this error when I click on the Adapters I will receive below message error. if you could provide suitable solution.   Note My browsers are above the requirement that mentioned in… (Show more)
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