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VMware Storage

The clue is in the name, this community is simply here to share, discuss and collaborate on all things storage. If you have any suggestions on how this place could be improved, ping the admin - Steven Santini

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Hola como estan?   hay alguna manera de yo ver un log que me indique usuario y la fecha cuando realizo una modificación o elimino algo.   Ya que fui victima de un ataque y el atacante me borro los… (Show more)
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Good day!   Is possible use RDM disk between 2 microsoft failover clusters? On one cluster we take offline cluster and storage resources, on second we take online it disk? Is data does not lose?
in VMware Storage
Good day. Several day ago i tested new free version of ESXI 6.7 with web  interface. I dont know why, bcoz my old 5.5 works fine last 2-3 years. I have one node with 1 ssd for w2008r2 system as… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
Scenario: Existing datastore, currently 2.3TB. Only 2TB is usable because the cluster size is 512 (GPT,NTFS).  Can I create a new datastore with a 4096 cluster size, then clone the "old" datastore to… (Show more)
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when I deleted a vm, the system were deleted my backup vmdk file on other HDD How can i recovery the vmdk file??   i have tried to use ufs explorer, but the result show the filename is… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
Buenas , si me pueden ayudar por error cree en un disco rígido donde tenia información importante un disco virtual, podre restaurarlo nuevamente?
in VMware Storage
Hello Experts,   Please help me to find out if there will by any issue in using 150 TB of NFS storage on an esxi hosts having 2.2 GHz ( RAM - i think is not a limiting factor). I will be having 2 *… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
Hi,   #1 Plan is to install vsphere essential with vcenter to build server and create vmware envirionments with vmware workstation pro 14, is there any reason why this combination woudln't work ?  … (Show more)
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