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VMware Storage

The clue is in the name, this community is simply here to share, discuss and collaborate on all things storage. If you have any suggestions on how this place could be improved, ping the admin - Steven Santini

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Buenas , si me pueden ayudar por error cree en un disco rígido donde tenia información importante un disco virtual, podre restaurarlo nuevamente?
in VMware Storage
Hello Experts,   Please help me to find out if there will by any issue in using 150 TB of NFS storage on an esxi hosts having 2.2 GHz ( RAM - i think is not a limiting factor). I will be having 2 *… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
Hi,   #1 Plan is to install vsphere essential with vcenter to build server and create vmware envirionments with vmware workstation pro 14, is there any reason why this combination woudln't work ?  … (Show more)
in VMware Storage
Hi Friends ....   I had an ESXi server running on exi 6.0 on xeon 16 GB ram ... with 1 TB hdd that had 3,5 VM .... I recently decided to upgrade to 6.7 and also moved my machine from old chassis to… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
Certs4sale is providing authentic questions and answers of 300-115 Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks Exam. These exam questions are available in PDF files and practice test formats with 3… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
Hi,   I encounter a problem while resize datastore from 6 TB to 7 TB. Searching thru this communities found that couple cases of this is happening. reading that, here I already gather couple info… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
HI I have a VM having vmdks one data store. i have taken couple of vmware snapshot of that VM taken. I have created a clone of a data store which is having original vmdk and the snapshots… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
Okay, here is a strange one.... I setup a zfs z3 volume on an ubuntu 18.04 server and am using NFS to connect this volume to ESXi 6.7.  At first all went well.... from what i could tell.  once… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
Hi   VMWare 6.7 solution here, Using Dell scv2020   Im looking towards making a vmdk, or a datastore avaliable to more than one VM (actually ,20) , in order to create a central repository to… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
I wonder if the NPIV LUNs assigned to a VM count toward the maximum path limit that each ESXi host has (1024 or 2048 depending on the version). I was unable to find conclusive information about… (Show more)
in VMware Storage
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