Axians is a NSX delivery partner providing services to all type of customers, whether businesses, governmental organizations and service providers. They offer a unique array of solutions for designing, implementing and operating their IT infrastructure. These solutions include customized software, hardware and services for various markets.


A snippet of solutions they provide can be seen in the diagram below


Their solutions offerings are hybrid, capable of being deployed either on the client’s own site or delivered through a “Solution as a Service” model.


Axians Cloud Builder Ouest is a trusted NSX delivery partner specialized in architecture, design, support, and training of VMware NSX products and solutions.

Based out of Nantes - FRANCE, Axians Cloud Builder Ouest has employed highly skilled and VMware NSX certified consultants and architects.


Beside conduction many NSX PoCs, Axians has also completed NSX production deployments, covering wide range of networking and security use cases.

Axians sees good demand of NSX in their market and are actively working with clients who are interested in deploying NSX in production.


Axians Cloud Builder Ouest is part of NSX Last Mile mentoring program and work closely with NSBU Solutions Architects to ensure successful customer deployments.


Following are some of the key highlights and use-cases that Axians Cloud Builder Ouest has done for the NSX production deployments


  • VMware NSX Logical Switching and Routing, Micro-segmentation & Trend Deep Security Integration (For a Healthcare Provider/Hospital Center)
  • VMware NSX & VMware vCloud Director (For a Healthcare Provider/Hospital Center)
  • SDDC implementation with VMware NSX, vRealize Log Insight, vSAN and vROPS (For a Private Sector Company)
  • VMware NSX Micro-segmentation (For a Private Sector Company)


If you want more information you may directly contact Damien Riviere ( or Mikael Le Bris (

They are super customer friendly, flexible and always willing to provide more information about the services they offer or to talk about the production deployments they have done so far.


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