• How to manually remove AirWatch Agent from macOS?in Mac OS X

    The AIrWatch Agent installation on my MacBook is not functioning and I am unable to UnEnroll or Uninstall it from the Agent app.   How can I manually remove it from the Mac, so that I can then re-install and re-...
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  • VM Ware Fusion will not allow external device to download driversin Mac OS X

    I have an external device that is powering up when connected via USB, but in VMWare Fusion, the device cannot be found. i am trying to uninstall old drivers and install new drivers as directed by the software provider...
    created by mschmitz1867
  • reparacion aire acondicionado zaragozain Mac OS X

    Los técnicos en reparación de aire acondicionado en Zaragoza están especializados en estos casos tan concretos y le ayudarán haciendo esta instalación muy rápidamente, para qu...
    created by desatmall
  • Can drag in , but cannot drag out the file in the Virtual Machine(Mac OS)in Mac OS X

    Hi everyone , I have MAC OS 10.12 SIERRA installed in virtual machine. My vmware edition is 12.5 pro , my computer system is win10   I can drag files out of VMware , however,  I could not drag files in to ...
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  • have problems in installing mac os on windows10 , with VMware 12.5 proin Mac OS X

    Hi , everyone.   I have problems installing mac os 10.12 with VMware 12.5 pro.   I've use unlocker 208 to remove the limitation of installing mac os 10.12 with VMware 12.5 pro.   And I have the attac...
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  • vmnet-cli configure fail to create backup filein Mac OS X

    running fusion 10.1.1 on high sierra 10.13.2   when running: "sudo /Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/Library/vmnet-cli -c -v"   i'm getting: " Commands specified: configure Failed to create temp...
    created by alexbeliarchik
  • VM Fusion Windows 10 mouse Windows to Mac focus issuein Mac OS X

    I recently messed up and had to do a fresh install of Windows 10 in VMware using the Windows 10 ISO file and Fusion's click through menu to install and configure Windows 10.  VM Fusion is running on an Apple MAC....
    created by uks9235
  • application menu on dock is off to the sidein Mac OS X

    When I use the Unity View, and click the VMware Unity icon on the dock of iMac 27 inch, the menu pop over the icon. But When I do same on the dock of MacBook 15 inch, the menu is off to the side. See my screen shot. &...
    created by doni5
  • I HAVE A PROBLEM loading my vmware virtual windows xp since i did a disk clean but i do have backups of all my vmware filesin Mac OS X

    the opening window shows the vmware program as switched off with a black window and an arrow and then when I click on the white arrow I get the following message   Unable to open file "/Users/Berkeley/Documents/...
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  • USB Problem - Did Everything Still a #FAIL! Please Help!

    Long story short but I accidentally unplugged my two external hard drives from my Mac while running a Windows XP virtual machine. Before this happened, the drives worked reliably on my Mac and on my VM and I never had...
    created by BobRaz
  • How to install macOS on ESXi

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to install macOS 10.11 and 10.12 on ESXi, but my efforts have been fruitless so far. I would appreciate any type of help. I'm using ESXi 6.5.0 (Build 4564106). I was able to install the ovf a...
    created by sultanllcco
  • VM will not start error  "disk power on filed"in Mac OS X

    I just finished updating my IOS to 10.13.2 now on my MacBook Pro I was using VMware Fusion 8.5.8. after the up date had fished I tried to open the app and received the following error message   Cannot open the di...
    created by mlmredeye
  • Screen resolution automatically switches to HiDPI on macOS High Sierrain Mac OS X

    Hi there,   I've recently been having this problem on a macOS 10.13.2 virtual machine where I go into the full-screen mode and, instead of changing the resolution to 1440x900 like it should, it automatically swi...
    created by buhdeuce67
  • Do you load VMware first than Microsoft office?in Mac OS X

    I had VMware and Microsoft office on my Mac but that crashed back in January. So now I have to do PC work on my Mac that is only supported on the PC side. I can't remember if you load VMware Fusion first and than load...
    created by sszos
  • Connecting External Drive?in Mac OS X

    How do I connect an external hard drive to Fusion 10?
    created by morpen
  • Changing computers .in Mac OS X

    Can you supply step-by-step instructions to transfer Fusion 7 with QuickBooks Pro from an older Mac to a new Mac?
    created by CoryO
  • Keine Installation möglichin Mac OS X

    Hallo an alle, ich kann keine neue VM mehr erstellen. Werder under V7 V8 V10. Es kommt immer folgender Fehler: Kein gültiger Peer-Prozess zum Herstellen der Verbindung gefunden. Das nervt ganz gehörig. Gibt...
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  • PC Mouse?in Mac OS X

    Will a PC Mouse work on my Apple if I install Fusion 10? I need to left click and right click.
    created by marshpierce
  • How do I change the basic display adapter?in Mac OS X

    I have updated to Windows 10, the new fall creator version 2017 with Fusion 10. The display adapter list only shows Microsoft Basic Display Adapter with a max. resolution of 1152x864. This is not good enough on a reti...
    created by TerjeEnge
  • Fusion shuts down when trying to open .pdfin Mac OS X

    When I try to open a .pdf file in Windows 7, VM Fusion 10.0.1 shuts down.  This has happened, though, with previous versions.
    created by ppodolec
  • Migrating a Parallels Windows 10 Image to VMWare - Deletes Activationin Mac OS X

    I have a Parallels Windows virtual machine, but am migrating over to VMWare. Importing the image went easily, but I can not activate Windows 10, even though it was activated in Parallels.  It says I have a Digita...
    created by IdahoSAM
  • Fusion 8.5 and iOS 10.13in Mac OS X

    I currently run Windows 10 in a Bootcamp with Fusion 8.5 as a virtual machine in iOS 10.12.6.  I would like to upgrade my iOS 10.13 would I have a problem running Fusion 8.5 in iOS 10.13?  My mac is iMac Ret...
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  • MacOS 10.12 and 10.13: USB storage not recognizedin Mac OS X

    Hi,   i'm new to ESXi. I have installed ESXI 6.5U1 build 6765664 on a Macbook Pro Mid 2012 (i5 2,5GHz 2C/4T, 16 GB RAM, SSD). I currently have one VM running Ubuntu 16.04, one running MacOS Sierra 10.12, and ano...
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  • VMware tools for MAC OSX 10.10.5 (yosemite)in Mac OS X

    Hi,   Can anyone direct me to installing VMware tools for Yosmite Mac (10.10.5) on ESXi 6 Update 3.   It seems it does not work with latest VMware tools.   Can anyone help?
    created by cclc
  • Need to open "Windows 98 SE.vpc7", can VMWare do it?in Mac OS X

    I have a file saved in 2009 on a mac called "Windows 98 SE.vpc7" which contains files I need to access.   VMWare istn't opening it.   Any help would be great.   Thanks!
    created by towl
  • I get error "Could not open /dev/vmmon: No such file or directory..  Please make sure that the kernel module `vmmon' is loaded." for all my virtual machines for VMWare Fusion 8.5.8 after upgrading to Mac OS High Sierra. I have uninstalled, cleared Libraryin Mac OS X

    I get error "Could not open /dev/vmmon: No such file or directory..  Please make sure that the kernel module `vmmon' is loaded." for all my virtual machines for VMWare Fusion 8.5.8 after upgrading to Mac OS High ...
    created by TDeloney
  • Cannot Open VMWarein Mac OS X

    As of today, I cannot open VMWare Fusion.  I only see a black screen with the words “Windows 7 x 64” in white at the top.  I don’t know how to get into Fusion.  I think I might have ve...
    created by TtheK
  • I'm using Fusion 10.  How do I remove apps from launchpad that were added by Fusion?in Mac OS X

    I have tried several things.  But, don't seem to be able to remove the apps from launchpad that were added by Fusion.  Help!!!!
    created by paulhanson66
  • VMware Fusion ne trouve aucun volume Boot Camp sur ce Mac.in Mac OS X

    Bonjour je viens d'acheter un MacBookPro 2017 et je souhaite réinstaller vmware (Version 8.5.8 (5824040)) sur ma partition bootcamp. J'ai ce message d'erreur : VMware Fusion ne trouve aucun volume Boot Camp su...
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  • Airwatch - Disable SO update installationin Mac OS X

    Is there any option to disable the installation of a new version of the macOS through Airwatch? I mean, I do not want to the users can install a new version of macOS.
    created by lsegurar13