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I have 3 HP DL380 G7 servers; each with 10 1gig uplinks to HP stacked switches.  2 of the 10 NICs will be dedicated for iSCSI traffic to my SAN.  That leaves 8 NICs to be distributed between VMware features and the VMs themselves.


This is what I had first planned:


2 NICs in a team for vMotion

2 NICs in a team for Management traffic

4 NICs in a team for VM traffic


Now that VMware 5.0 has been released and I have been made aware of NIOC, I have been considering teaming all 8 NICs and establishing resource pools that guarantee 2gig for vMotion, 2gig for Management traffic and 4gig for VM traffic.  In this scenario, if bandwidth is available any one group can request additional resources.


What is the best practice in a situation like this?  Do people still prefer to isolate these types of traffic or throw them in one big pipe and regulate their usage?  What NIC teaming method is recommended for both of the practices listed above?


Please share your thoughts and experiences.


Thank You in advance!



Here is a solution that I have configured, worked with and feel provides an adequate solution for server virtualization in those locations where blade servers are not a good fit. Don't get me wrong I love blade servers but from a cost model they don't always make financial sense to buy costly infrastructure if your not going to use it. So this is for the smaller medium deployments of server virtualization that could also scale if the environment grows. View Full Post