• Can't get vim_service - the session object is uninitializedin ghettoVCBg2

    Migrating from a much older VMware cluster to an ESX5.1, and I have a VMA host in the new cluster vMA 5.1.0 BUILD-1062361.  Hypervisor hosts in the new cluster have been added to vMA and it appears to work.  ...
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  • Am I able to create a RHEL VM to run ghettoVCBg2 ?in ghettoVCBg2

    Due to some policy, we are not able to deploy vMA into our vSphere environment. We can only install RHEL v6.1 or v6.2 at the moment. How can I make ghettoVCBg2 works on a new RHEL VM? If yes, what packages need to be...
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  • Not all vmdk's backed upin ghettoVCBg2

    I have a vm "sol10" with 5 vmdk's  of which 2 are "normal" and the others are independent. The behaviour should be that with the option VM_VMDK_FILES=all, the normal vmdk's are backed up and the others ignored.W...
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  • shutdownVM hard powers down vms with old toolsin ghettoVCBg2

    The shutdownVM sub only gracefully shuts down VMs if toolsStatus is toolsOk, otherwise it issues a hard power off.   This is less than ideal - out of date tools still respond to power commands pretty reliably.&#...
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  • ghettoVCBg2 won't back up VMDKs since upgrading to ESXi 5.1in ghettoVCBg2

    Last week I upgraded my ESXi hosts from 5.0u1 to 5.1. Prior to the upgrade all VMs were backing up without issue. Since then, on about 25% of my VMs ghettoVCBg2 won't back up any of the .vmdk files. It creates a snaps...
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  • ghettoVCB 2011_11_19_1 getting rsync symlinks wrong if pwd set (ESX 4.1U3)in ghettoVCBg2

    If run from a shell on ESX 4.1U3 it causes the rsync symlinks to be wrong.   It's basically this line: ln -sf "${SYMLINK_DST1}" "${SYMLINK_SRC}"   This will get it wrong, and derefence the existing symlink...
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  • ghettoVCBg2 will not run from crontab on vMA 5.1in ghettoVCBg2

    Greetings,   Recently upgraded our 4.1 environment to 5.1 all around, ESXi, Vcenter, and vMA.  Copied all ghettoVCBg2.pl and all my backup scripts over and fixed the version check and other issues in order ...
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  • vm backup does not backup all VM's (no errors)in ghettoVCBg2

    hi all i'm having an issue where ghettoVCBg2, it's not backing up all the VM's listed in --vmlist   0 1 * * 1 /root/ghetto/ghettoVCBg2.pl --config_dir /root/ghetto/ --output /var/log/ghetto.log --config /roo...
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  • Error after ESXi 5 update 1 upgrade on free versionin ghettoVCBg2

    Has any one else gotten ghettoVCBg2 to run properly after upgrade to ESXi 5u1 via vMA 5 when it is the free version?   I have a couple of free machine and they are the only ones having issues. My licensed produc...
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  • Backing up VM's on a remote hostin ghettoVCBg2

    We have a number of standalone ESXi 4.1 servers in remote locations managed by 1 vCenter server and want to use the ghettoVCBg2 script to back them up. We don't want to deploy a vMA on each ESXi server, rather we want...
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  • vi-fastpass no longer worksin ghettoVCBg2

    For some reason, fastpass login from vMS seems to be  failing.  After issuing  "vifptarget -s <hostID>" and getting the expected command prompt, log in still fails.  I can, for instance, issu...
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  • Backing up on NFS problem with lock file.in ghettoVCBg2

    Hello, I'm running ghettoVCBg2 from vMA nightly to successful completion for some virtual machines.  Only Vcenter Server Appliance guest fails. In the log the job shows as completed. I'm running ESXi 5...
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  • Can't get vim_service - the session object is uninitialized or not logged in…in ghettoVCBg2

    Like several other users on the original ghetto backup site http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-9843;jsessionid=5669AAFCA462447AD165373B473A452C  I'm getting an error:   Can't get vim_service - the sessi...
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  • Long time to import the VMDKin ghettoVCBg2

    My problem is the time the script takes to import the VMDK(s). When I try to backup a VM with a vmdk of 20GB in the local storage, this can take up to two hours.¿Is this normal?   I have a ESX4.1 in a HP ...
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  • gvcb2 logs success even though backup failed (unavailable target datastore)in ghettoVCBg2

    Hi,   when trying to poke gvcb2 to see how it behaves in error conditions, I noticed that it doesn't detect an unavailable NFS target datastore as an error condition, but simply logs a successful backup .... whi...
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  • Snapshot removal timeoutin ghettoVCBg2

    Good Morning,   We've been running ESXi 3.5 for a couple of years with our VM's stored on NFS.  We also use the VCB scripts which have been working flawlessly after making the welll documented changes to th...
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  • How to exclude a VMDK when distributed across multiple datastoresin ghettoVCBg2

    How do I only backup 1 specific VMDK in a distributed environment?   I'm running on ESX 3.5 U5 and 4.1 servers. ghettoVCBg2 version 4.3   I have VMDKs with the same names on different datastores but I only...
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  • Can't locate object method "licenseManagers" via package "ServiceContent" at ghettoVCBg2.pl line 285.in ghettoVCBg2

    Hello all. For the life of me I cannot get ghettoVCBg2.pl to run correctly. When I attempt to run the script I receive the following error:   [vi-admin@vma scripts]$ perl ghettoVCBg2.pl --vmlist vm_backup_list Ca...
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  • getFinalList: ERROR - Unable to locate VM:in ghettoVCBg2

    Wondering why ghettoVCBg2 skips over one of our VM's (PC682 Email Server).  Anyone have a clue?  We have script run at night daily.  Seems to happen every other day.  If I run manually it runs fine...
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