• Can't get vim_service - at /usr/lib/perl5/5.10.0/VMware/VICommon.pm line 1660in ghettoVCBg2

    Hi,   I think I have vMA running fine and ghettoVCBg2 properly installed but when I try to do any backup, I get:   vma:~/ghettoVCBg2> ./ghettoVCBg2.pl --vmlist vmlist Can't get vim_service - the sessi...
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  • Script for 5.1in ghettoVCBg2

    Hi everyone. I tried to find the modified script that works for version 5.1 but I wasn't able to find it Can anyone be so kind to post a link or to explain how to modify the script to make it suitable to work with e...
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  • backup/export to OVF ?in ghettoVCBg2

    Hi all   Is there any way to export the VM to OVF format with ghettoVCBg2 ? maybe someone can include the ovftool options in the script so at the last stage the vmx gets converted to OVF ?
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  • First time script execution failsin ghettoVCBg2

    I just finished installing ghettoVCBg2 with the following: ESXi 4.1.0, Build 348481 NFS backup datastore on windows Server 2003 (SP2) host The script only backs up the host ESXi server upon which the vMA runs. ...
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  • Specifying 2 (or more) VMDK filesin ghettoVCBg2

    I have a VM with 13 disks (MSCS). I only want to backup the C: and D: drives. I have poured over the docs and all I see is how to specify a single vmdk or to tell it to get "all" vmdk files. I'm thinking I'm missing a...
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  • Configuring ghettoVCBg2 for two hosts with local storagein ghettoVCBg2

    I had a small VMWare environment with one host running the free version of vSphere 4.1 for about five guests.  The guests were all Windows 2003 servers which I had P2V'd from old hardware.  The host is a Del...
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