• Feature Request - We really need an exclude filein ghettoVCB

    William Lam, Hopefully you will see this. As far as I can tell, we can still pass an include list into GhettoVCB.sh to allow us to hand pick which VMDK files to backup.  However, this is a very error prone way ...
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  • No space left on devicein ghettoVCB

    After running fine for weeks at some point I end up getting the following:   Logging output to "/tmp/ghettoVCB-2019-11-08_07-39-23-5401928.log" ... ash: write error: No space left on device 2019-11-08 07:39:24...
    created by dimiko
  • The ghettoVCB time-stamp-based rotation does not consider final status of previous backups which can quickly leave you with no backups.in ghettoVCB

    If for any reason you don't get the email, or you are not on top of them every day, it is possible that you will find yourself with no backups in a short time due to ghettoVCB's timestamp directory name rotation logic...
    created by IT_Architect
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  • ERROR: failed to locate and extract VM_ID forin ghettoVCB

    I am trying to get ghettoVCB running on my VMware ESXi 4.0.0 build-164009 host.   Everytime I try to run it I get "info: ERROR: failed to locate and extract VM_ID for" for all the lines in the .vmx file and then...
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  • ghettoVCB.sh for free backup VM- do you know if  it works with ESX(i) 6.5?in ghettoVCB

    Hello, have you ever used ghettoVCB with ESXi 6.5? It not works for me, I cannot establish connection, I obtain an error.   2017-08-04 09:35:19 ERR Exception: Incompatible ssh peer (no acceptable kex algorithm)...
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  • Option To Only Backup Running VMs?in ghettoVCB

    I deployed GhettoVCB at a customer's site where they had a single vhost, where nightly backups go to a RAID1 array on a NAS on a separate VLAN and everyone's happy.  We've added a second vhost, and got another NA...
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  • Failed to clone disk: Input/output error (327689)in ghettoVCB

    Hi, i configured GhettoVCB for backup virtual machine from ESX 5.0. # Author: William Lam # Created Date: 11/17/2008 # http://www.virtuallyghetto.com/ # https://github.com/lamw/ghettoVCB # http://communities.vm...
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  • Only back up specified disksin ghettoVCB

    Hello,   I have created custom policy files for a few of my VMs to only backup one of the disks, however on actually running the script it looks as if this parameter (line 22) is being ignored (I've pasted the l...
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  • Unable to backup VM due to snapshot creation : How to debug ?in ghettoVCB

    Hi there,   This script is really usefull. I love it and use for my VMs without problem except one. I can't backup my freenas VM.   Everytime i get this error :   2019-05-22 07:45:59 -- info: Initia...
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  • Settings not persisting on ESXi 6.0 & 6.5in ghettoVCB

    I have deployed ghettoVCB using the VIB onto an ESXi 6.0 host a couple months ago, and recently I've tried putting it on a new 6.5 host.  The new 6.5 host is still in the process of being stood up, so I can reboo...
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  • Ghetto - sending only errors notifications to emailin ghettoVCB

    Hello Is it possible to send only notifications about incorrectly made backups? if so, how?
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  • NFS datastore slow from ESXi, fast from VMs inside ESXiin ghettoVCB

    So I have this (rather upsetting) situation in which I have an ESXi 6.0 accessing an NFS datastore at 7 Mbit/s while a vm *inside* the ESXi accesses the same NFS shared folder at a (more tolerable) speed of 150Mbit/s....
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  • Large VM many times requires consolidationin ghettoVCB

    Dear all,   I am using Ghetto in several hosts (version 5.5. and 6). I have problems in only a few of them. Many (but many) times, in VMs of more than 1 Tb: - the snapshot remove operation did not en well, and ...
    created by Sesaru
  • ghettoVCB backup to NFS kills active network connections of VMs.in ghettoVCB

    Hi. I've seen this on two systems now. Both could be classified as live network streaming gateway devices (a Citrix NetScaler gateway, and just now a remote support tool that has quite a few clients connected to it). ...
    created by carlfarrington
  • Problem backing up virtual machines with large hard disk sizein ghettoVCB

    Hi community!, I am facing a problem with ghetto since few weeks ago. I use ghetto to backup some virtual machines which run some services into them. The thing is that two of them have hard disk drives with sizes more...
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  • ghettoVCB Updated, but not the VIB or Offline ZIPin ghettoVCB

    I noticed that you updated the shell script to account for 6.7.  Do you plan to update the VIB and/or Offline Zip?   If not, do I just install the offline zip, and then copy the new script over to the /opt ...
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  • Windows 2012R2 and ESXi 6.5U1in ghettoVCB

    I'm using ghettoVCB 2016-11-20 on ESXi 6.5U1 and I got an issue with Windows 2012 r2 VM to backup.   The VM is configurated with 2 vmdk (one for system and one for data) thin provisioned vmdk.   I can back...
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  • error al ejecutar ./ghettoVCB.sh -f -d dryrunin ghettoVCB

    good ladies and ladies I am doing backups of my virtual ghetto scope to do two backups but by mistake I do not know what to modify in ghettoVCB.sh and when I tried again I did not have the backup, in the image it give...
    created by mamz186
  • Restoring a VM, ERROR: "" input file does not existsin ghettoVCB

    I have set up ghettoVCB (Last modified: 2015_04_04_1) to backup a list of VMs on an ESXi 6.0 host, and scheduled the cron job, and this seems to work just fine.  The last step to confirming it's working well is t...
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  • Multiple backup sets for the same VMin ghettoVCB

    Hello,   As the title says, is it possible to maintain two or more backup sets for the same VM without having one interfering with the other?   In my case, I would like to keep a weekly backup set AND a da...
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  • ERROR: failed to locate and extract VM_IDin ghettoVCB

    Hi All,   Need help as I am very new to VMware & ghettovcb. Scheduled backups were running fine untill a while ago but it started to fail with the attached error. I went to through a similar thread (ERROR: ...
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  • ghettoVCB not backing up VM's in vAPPin ghettoVCB

    I just noticed that ghettoVCB is not backing up any of my VM's that are part of a vmware "vapp".   (A vApp is a container, like a resource pool and can contain one or more virtual machines).  i recently s...
    created by dperry85
  • Corner case:  Sole VM on host has independent diskin ghettoVCB

    We have a new host that has only a single VM.  This VM has a local VMDK for the OS, and a large, independent VMDK on the SAN for temporary file storage.  Running ghettoVCB results in: ###### Final status: E...
    created by nelliott
  • GhettoVCB : /tmp/ghettoVCB.work : File Existsin ghettoVCB

    Hi everyone,   I recently got this error when i tried to do a backup.   "/tmp/ghettoVCB.work" : File exists ash : bad number I had already removed the ghettoVCB.work folder, but still got the same error over...
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  • removing ghettoVCBin ghettoVCB

    Hi   [root@ML360G6:~] esxcli software vib remove --no-live-install --vibname=ghettoVCB [StatelessError] The transaction is not supported: Nothing to do for live install - live installation has been disabled...
    created by olo321a
  • ghettoVCB relies on snapshots but when I create a snapshot, the *-flat.vmdk file changes constantly.in ghettoVCB

      I see that ghettoVCB relies on creating a snapshot to backup the *-flat.vmdk files, so, I have created a snapshot of a thick lazy zeroed VM disk and the *-flat.vmdk file has different md5sum's each time I run t...
    created by ibaldo
  • why does ghettovcb-restore.sh rename my vmdks, and can I prevent that?in ghettoVCB

    so after years of using ghettovcb.sh and occasionally restoring a vmdk or machine, or moving them to a new esxi server "manually" (using cp and vmkfstools -i), I finally had a big-enough job that I decided it was wort...
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  • consistent backupin ghettoVCB

    Is community alive ?   William Lam did an amazing work! 60KB of the shell code ;-) I made some changes in the original script.   # My changes: # # This script does quickly application consistent VM back...
    created by user433
  • exclusion input fileVMin ghettoVCB

    Hi all, i have problems with exclusion list, maybe someone can help me!?   syntax: ./ghettoVCB.sh -a -e vm_exclusion_list -d dryrun     that's the result from my dryrun:   2017-03-23 10:41:57 ...
    created by RalfGotzen
  • Inefficient compression option in ghettovcbin ghettoVCB

    Saving compressed vm's on an nfs share is needlessly slow because tar first writes the uncompressed files to the nfs share and then reads, compresses and writes them back to the share. It would be far more efficient ...
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