vSphere, VI 3.x SDK - Support Information

Version 6

    Support options for the following SDKs and Toolkits:


    vSphere Web Services SDK

    vSphere SDK for Perl

    vSphere PowerCLI

    vSphere vCLI

    vSphere Guest SDK

    vSphere Management Assistant

    VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit

    VMware CIM SDK


    • VMware Developer Community - Developers are encouraged to participate in our community where they can get help, share answers, and get recognized by your peers. http://developer.vmware.com/




    • VMware Global Support Services (GSS)- installation support for libraries and bug resolution Please refer to the GSS Support policy for more information. Please note VMware GSS does not provide SDK Development Support.




    • Technical Alliance Partners have several support options. Select level and above are entitled to incident support and SDK Co-Development. For more information please visit the TAP site




    • For End Users needing assistance with development, scripting and customized training please submit your inquiries to our PSO team.


    Please note: When submitting a SDK Support Request we strongly encourage you to review and upload diagnostic information as described in our KB 1001457