How to configure ESXi to shutdown using an APC SmartUPS (with lamw scripts)

Version 13

    This tutorial will show you how to configure a VMWare ESXi install to shutdown using an

    APC SmartUPS. This proven practice came about because our company was sending a

    Dell PowerEdge T300 server with ESXi and a APC UPS to one of our sales offices.

    Because it would just be this server and the UPS there, we needed a way for ESXi to

    shutdown the guest operating systems and then itself gracefully.


    This document assumes that you have a VMWare ESXi install with VIMA running on it and

    an APC SmartUPS with a network management card installed.


    This document includes scripts from the VMWare Communities user “lamw.” His scripts

    are available at Lamw's scripts do not

    need the enabling of the unsupported SSH option within ESXi.