VI SDK Developer License Agreement - Frequently Asked Questions

Version 2

    Q. What is included in the VMware Infrastructure SDK (VI SDK)?

    A. The VI SDK includes documentation, tools, libraries, and sample code to help software developers integrate with, build in-house or commercial applications.  To learn more about the VI SDK and its client application architecture, read the Getting Started FAQs or visit the VI SDK Documentation page


    Q. Can I distribute, sell software that I developed using the VI SDK?

    A. Yes. 


    Q. Do I have to pay any royalties to VMware for products that I build using the VI SDK?

    A. No, you do not need any additional royalties in order to use the VI SDK.  Licenses for other/related VMware products (such as ESX, vCenter, ESXi, etc) must be purchased separately as required


    Q. Can I redistribute the VI SDK libraries and sample code?

    A. You can redistribute only those parts of the SDK package that have been designated as “distributable code”.

    In VI SDK 2.5, the following components can be redistributed: vim.jar, vim25.jar. To note developers typically generate web service stubs from the WSDL file that is included in the VI SDK using a SOAP toolkit.  The stubs source and the compiled stubs can also be distributed. For latest names of VI SDK libraries that can be redistributed visit


    Q. Can you tell us about the samples provided in the VI SDK?

    A. The samples in the VI SDK bundle were developed by VMware R&D to help demonstrate how to use the

    functionality exposed through the VI API.  The samples are not intended to be used as-is in production environments. VMware customers/partners can use the samples as guidelines to create their own derivative applications to manage the VMware Infrastructure, and distribute these derivative works. VMware will not    support these 3rd party derivative works.


    Q. Where can I find a list of third party applications that support the VMware platform?

    A. The VMware Partner Catalog lists partner products that run on the VI platform including partners that have integrated with VMware products using our SDK. The Partner catalog listings are provided by VMware Technology Alliance Partners.  For information about joining the TAP program and listing your product please visit:


    Q. Who do I contact if I have further questions about licensing?

    A. Please send an e-mail to SDK_Legal (at)