Programatically Generate Remote Console URL

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    How does one programiatically query virtual center to generate the remote console URL for guests?

    ~ Cody


    Hi Cody,

    You cannot generate the remote console URL for the VMs using the VI SDK. You would need to use the web access to do so.

    ~ Sidharth


    Any guidance on doing it that way?



    It looks like that the "hash" used is just a Base64 encoding.  You can  confirm this by generating a URL, grabbing the "view" paramete, removing  the final underscore and doing a Base64 decode. And no I can't read  Base64, but I can read javascript functions in the


    In .NET/C# that is Console.WriteLine(Encoding.ASCII.GetString(Convert.FromBase64String(b642text)));

    So for the opposite you could just work backwords and generate a base64 string that covers you.


    Looking at a couple examples I did to confirm this was the core of the  wsUrl is  "wsUrl=https://localhost/sdk?vmId=VirtualMachine|vm-9999&ui=36"

    So you would just need to update the "vm-9999" w the moref id from VI  SDK.  The ui (I think) is the integer generated from the sum of the  checkboxes you see in the ui.  false/false = 0,  true/false = 4 + 8,  false/true = 1 + 32, true/true = 4 + 32 (36 is what I used)

    So using the vm moref id and your "ui" selection you can genenratethe  URL on demand.  Build your string, encode to base64, append an  underscore "_" to the end of the b64 string, take that whole chunk and  append that to your VCs "https://<vc URL>/ui/"  URL which will look like it was generated from the console UI.

    Hope this helps and hope that it doesn't get swatted by the mods.


    Hi jrackliffe,

    What I have encoded is  "wsUrl=http://localhost:8085&vmId=VirtualMachine|1040&ui=36".  From VI SDK, the moref of vm is vm-78, but what I get is 1040. Do you  have any idea how to get 1040? Thanks for your help.








    See my post below for what you want.



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