Guest is running very slowly

Version 1


    I had VMWare Workstation until it expired, then I continued in using VMWare Player.



    In WS, the speed was fine and normal, but when I use Player, the guest is very sluggish. I opened up the clock in the guest, and 1 second passes by every 2-3 real seconds.







    Ubuntu 8.04 x64

    4GB RAM

    E8400 @ 4.05GHz (OC possible cause of problem? has always been 4.05)




    Windows XP SP2

    1GB RAM

    1 core only

    My Computer shows the correct info (1GB RAM and 4.05GHz) but it still runs slower than normal.



    I have my system monitor running, and it's not showing any bottlenecks on cpu/memory usage, but I/O does seem to spike occasionally for about 15 seconds.






    Let me know if I left out any information