Announcing New VMware Skyline Releases: Collector 2.5 and Advisor with NSX-T Support

Version 1

    We’re excited to announce new VMware Skyline Collector 2.5 and Advisor releases with support for VMware NSX-T and new Findings & Recommendations. If you have the Auto Upgrade feature enabled, your Collectors will update automatically. If not, you can download the new version from the Collector VAMI. Log into Skyline Advisor today to see the new enhancements, and don’t forget to connect your NSX-T product endpoints to your Skyline Collector.


    A brief summary of the new features is below. For additional details review the Skyline Advisor Release Notes and the  Skyline Collector 2.5 documentation.


    New features:


    Support for VMware NSX-T

    Skyline product support now includes NSX-T v2.5 and above, further expanding Skyline’s ability to keep your infrastructure productive and healthy. Once you connect your NSX-T endpoints to your Collectors, Skyline will begin surfacing NSX-T proactive Findings & Recommendations within Advisor. Additionally, you can use Log Assist to automatically upload NSX-T support log bundles to VMware Technical Support, enabling faster time to resolution for NSX-T Support Requests.


    New Findings and Recommendations

    We released several new proactive Findings and Recommendations in the following categories:

    • NSX-T Findings – Alert you to potential issues with NSX-T deployments
    • VMware Security Advisories – Added Security Advisories to alert you to objects that are vulnerable to known security risks


    Skyline Collector Best Practices:

    Ensure your Collectors are healthy and active to get maximum value from Skyline! Best practices for keeping your Collectors in a Healthy status include connecting your product endpoints, making sure the Collector is powered on and communicating with the vCenter, and confirming each configured product is using an account that is not disabled or password expired. Learn more by watching the short Maintaining Collector Health video and reviewing the KB article: Troubleshooting an Unhealthy Skyline Collector.