Announcing New VMware Skyline Advisor Release with EA Linking and More

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    We’re pleased to announce a new VMware Skyline Advisor release with exciting updates, including Entitlement Account (EA) linking capability and new Findings & Recommendations. Log into Skyline Advisor today to try out the new enhancements!


    A brief summary of the new features is below. For additional details review the Skyline Advisor Release Notes and the What’s New in Skyline Advisor video:


    New features:


    Entitlement Account (EA) linking capability

    Skyline Administrators now have the ability to manage EAs linked to Skyline organizations. The EA represents your support entitlement level (Production, Premier Support) and gives you the ability to view all SRs submitted for the entitlement within the Skyline Advisor Dashboard. EAs are also used during the Log Assist process when you associate the SR to the log file upload. At this time, you can only see the SRs you submitted in the Log Assist tab. With the new linking feature, Administrators can choose how to map individual EAs to each organization, and they can add or remove existing EAs using the Edit functionality in Settings. When an Administrators makes a change to an EA, all Administrators receive an email notification of this change. This linking feature offers increased flexibility in EA-to-organization mapping and provides better visibility across multiple Collectors and organizations.


    New Findings and Recommendations

    We released several new proactive Findings and Recommendations in the following categories:

    • Technical Support Trending Issues – Alert you to top issues based on our analysis of common Support Requests opened by customers
    • VMware Security Advisories – Added Security Advisories to alert you to objects that are vulnerable to known security risks
    • Skyline Health for vSphere and vSAN Alignment – Ensure that vSphere and vSAN Findings are available in both Skyline Advisor and Skyline Health for vSphere / vSAN


    Bug fixes, usability and performance improvements

    In addition to the new capabilities listed above, we have fixed a few minor bugs, implemented usability updates, and made some performance improvements to further enhance your Skyline experience.


    Best regards,

    VMware Skyline Team