VCAP-DVC-Deploy - findings

Version 12

    As I have resumed my journey for VCAP-DCV-Deploy I thought I create a dedicated page here which can help others.

    Anyone one contribute to this page. I'm mostly going to give some heads. My Intention is to save your valuable time.


    To Start


    1. vSphere Management Assistance does not work. If you start deploying and start searching forum you will discover it is already end of life last year.
    2. Other option is vCLI. vCLI on windows has not worked for me. It may not be the case for you. Also, resxtop does not work on Windows vCLI
    3. vCLI on Linux work to great extent but again resxtop has not worked for me. Lot of package and dependencies needs to be met. i'm not linux guy, end up spending time doing something else.
    4. If you run esxtop in batch mode, wish to replay using vm-support, it may not work for you and might give "snapshot". Unfortunately ./ is not longer present in the directory.



    The following are the collections of HOL Labs recommended. Some might be duplicate, I will review and remove. You can also edit it.


    1. HOL-1706-SDC-3
    2. HOL-2011-01-SDC – VMware vSphere – Getting Started
    3. HOL-2010-01-SDC – Virtualization 101: Introduction to vSphere
    4. HOL-2011-03-SDC
    5. HOL-1901-02-CMP Optimize Performance and Assess vSphere Configuration and Compliance with vRealize Operations
    6. HOL-1804-02-CHG
    7. HOL-1808-02-CHG
    8. HOL-SDC-1602 – vDS, Content Libraries, Auto Deploy, Host Profiles
    9. HOL-SDC-1627 – VSAN, vVOLS, Storage Policies
    10. HOL-SDC-1604 – Performance
    11. HOL-SDC-1607 – PowerCLI
    12. HOL-1911-01-SDC-MYVMW-HOL
    13. HOL-2004-02-CHG    vSphere Challenge Lab
    14. HOL-2008-02-CHG    vSAN Challenge Lab
    15. HOL-2005-02-HCI    VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes and Storage Policy Based Management
    16. HOL-2004-01-SDC    Mastering vSphere Performance
    17. HOL-2008-91-HCI    vSAN Quick Start - Lightning Lab
    18. HOL-2010-91-SDC    vSphere Distributed Switch - Lightning Lab
    19. HOL-2011-02-SDC    VMware vSphere - Advanced Topics
    20. HOL-2012-01-SDC    VMware vSphere Automation - PowerCLI



    Date: 8th Feb, 2020


    Apparently the log level are no longer available in vCenter. The syslog log levels were available in SUSE based appliance but Photon things have changed. So the reference blogs settings do not work anymore. Last I heard is that rsyslog is broken in 6.7U3. Might be fixed in the latest version.


    In Powershell, you can ISE. This will help you manipulate text faster.

    I think using variables can reduce lot of time e.g. $vm=get-vm <nameofvm>

    In hol, in case you are looking for administrator@vsphere.local, it is not. It is administrator@regiona.local and administrator@regionb.local.

    Products not available in HOL

    vSphere data protection and vSphere replication products are not available in HOL. You can use feature walkthrough for vSphere 6.5


    If you are searching for where to change the start up type for vSphere Auto deploy and Image builder service, please use Flash based. In HTML5 it is not available


    1. You can take a snapshot of VM with independent disk BUT VM must be powered off
    2. VMware does not support snapshots of VM are using  Bus Sharing. You need in guest agent to take backup.
    3. Also when you using iSCSI initiators in guest OS, snapshot is also not supported.



    1. Amazing blog on Auto Deploy based on 6.5. Link here


    Reference for Exam objective: VMware Advanced Skills for vSphere Professionals Workshop [V6.7]