Removing HCX from OnPrem

Version 1

    This document talks about removing HCX from OnPrem. Below are the steps that we need to follow for the same



    Place Cloud VM’s to routed networks on VMC vCenter, which are connected to extended networks

    Unstretch all networks

    Stop any ongoing migrations and ongoing disaster recovery protections

    Remove the IX / NE and WANOPT appliances

    Delete the service mesh

    Remove Site pairing

    Delete HCX Manager OnPrem


    Remove HCX plugin from OnPrem vCenter , following below steps

    a) Navigate to vCenter mob via https://<vcenter_fqdn>/mob and go to extension manager through content -->ExtensionManager

    b) Here extensionList shows all registered plugin's. Click on more to see all of them

    c) All 7 plug ins starting with com.vmware.hybridity.* needs to be unregistered

    d) Click on UnregisterExtension from Methods section and provide extensionKey as com.vmware.hybridity.

    e) Click on invoke method from same window.

    f) wait for its completion and repeat the same for all 7 plug ins.


    Verify that HCX plug in has disappeared by logging into vSphere web client once. If not then restart vSphere UI and Web Client services. This should have removed HCX plugin from OnPrem vCenter