Release Notes for New Product Release - VMware AppDefense Plug-In 2.2.0 for Platinum Edition

Version 1

    VMware AppDefense Plug-In 2.2.0 for Platinum Edition | Released 21 May 2019 | Build 13700433


    What's New In AppDefense Plug-In


    This release provides additional visibility within the AppDefense Appliance and improves the process of setting connectivity status to the AppDefense Manager.


    Connectivity Status

    The Plug-In now supports only two connectivity modes: SaaS and non-SaaS. The workflow for selecting SaaS connectivity mode has been simplified to allow checkbox selection for enabled/disabled. There is also a text field to provide or alter the AppDefense Manager details from the default value.


    Additionally, the Appliance UI has been enhanced to show connectivity status between itself and the AppDefense Manager. This eliminates the need to navigate outside of the Appliance in order to view this information.


    Available Upgrades

    The Appliance UI now displays information about all available versions and components of AppDefense that can be upgraded to after an upgrade bundle has been uploaded.