Technical preview of Chef Plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator

Version 1

    Version: 1.0.0


    What's New

    • Bug fixes to support multiple Chef hosts and vRealize Orchestrator clusters.
    • Resolves "random failure to register hosts" issue which might lead to Chef failing.




    All vRealize Orchestrator Plug-ins are installed from the Control Center. The file extensions that ca be used are .vmoapp and .dar.

    A .vmoapp file can contain a collection of several .dar files and can be installed as an application, while a .ddar file contains all the resources associated with Plug-in.


    More information about managing vRelize Orchestrator Plug-ins is available at vRealize Orchestrator official documentation.




    Attached is the Chef Plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator User Guide.