Stanly course and voucher expiration.

Version 1

    I took (and passed) the Stanly course that gave me a voucher for  Vsphere 6 Foundations (Exam #2V0-620) and VCP6-DCV (Exam #2V0-621) in 2018.

    The voucher for "620" appeared to be valid until April 30th. I didn't realize that it was online and had to be taken with 48 hours.
    The other exam "621" appears to be schedule-able past April 30th but at the full price of $250.


    After tangents during the remainder of 2018 I planned to pick up the books and build a test lab over the holidays. Then came a lay off and rehire by another company for the same position. January 2019 looked like the time to begin the task. I bought the VMWare press books to supercede the other ones I had for the course.


    Then we were told that we had to have a Windows 10 credential. Normally six months after being hired but it was being retired on 3/31/2019.  Something like 45-60 days notice to prepare for it. We couldn't use anything still in beta. The employer/client does not count passed beta exams. I studied my head off and passed. Others relied on dumps which seemed to be openly tolerated / endorsed by management. (That was stressful on its own. I didn't want an asterisk next to *my* name.)


    Now that the dust has settled I'm trying to see what I can salvage time wise toward the original goal of passing those VMWare exams.


    Hedging bets, I did get on another waiting list for the next course at Stanly. 


    The question is: Can I take either of the Vmware exams (even at full price) after April 30th and still receive credit for certification?  I thought I could pull off the online exam later this month and schedule "621" for the fall of 2019.