Technical preview of VMware vRealize Orchestrator HTTP-REST plugin version 2.3.X

Version 5



    Up to 2.3.2-12839244

    • Fix for configuration synchronizations for clustered vRO deployments
    • Log instrumentation
    • Fix of vRO scripting types literals (the type names was generated with proper capitalization)
    • Fix REST host auto redirect feature persistence of REST Hosts
    • -Fix of “newHostFromThis” of the REST Host type
    • Adding support of HTTP parallel request by feature of the REST Host
    • Fixing the actions getSupportedAcceptHeaderMediaTypes and getDefaultContentType
    • Reduced plugin size
    • Removed the exposed scripting methods that were exact duplicates of the exposed scripting attributes, attributes marked as read-only
    • New methods for cookies management on RESTHost: getCookies(), clearCookies(), clearExpired(date)




    • Added ability to create request operation with specified connection/operation timeout periods
    • Fixed an issue where the api for creating workflows was producing flawed workflows
    • Fixed an issue where vCloud Authentication loginUrl breaks the host url




    • Fixed an issue where the host would become invalid if the private key alias contained spaces.
    • Fixed issues with updating/removing invalid hosts.




    • Added persistence of the "Support for parallel request executions" property


    The plugin build could be found at the attached file.