Visio Stencils for the VMware Validated Designs

Version 5






    • Corrected issues with the vmware-sddc-icons.vssx file, added vmware-sddc-template.vsdx, and repackaged.


    • Extensive product and feature icons additions and updates.
    • Added low- and mid-complexity example diagrams.


    • Initial publication.


    It's my pleasure the share with the community the custom stencils that are used to create the diagrams that you see in the VMware Validated Designs.



    1. Download and extract the attached archive.
    2. Save the stencil files to C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\My Shapes. Microsoft Visio will recognize all stencil files in the My Shapes folder.
      1. Template: vmware-sddc-template.vdsx
      2. Product and Feature Icons:  vmware-sddc-icons.vssx
      3. Colors and Boxes: vmware-sddc-shapes-text.vssx
    3. Open the template file in Microsoft Visio.
    4. Load the stencils.
      1. In the Shapes panes, clicl More Shapes and select Open Stencil.
      2. In the Open Stencil dialog box, select the both stencil files, and then select Open.



    You can now drag and drop the required stencil to your sheet.


    Dos and Don'ts:

    • Do use the Arial Regular font.
    • Do create the text blocks first to determine if a design can fit in the maximum width when a graphic may contains a lot of text
    • Do not use a type size smaller than 11  points.
    • Do not scale the icons and shapes. They will appear different than all other graphics in the documentation.
    • Do not use different paper format. It may cause problem with the graphic appearance.



    All official diagrams for the VMware Validated Designs are provided in the product documentation found at