AWS Dynamic Types plug-in

Version 1

    This is the first release of the Amazon Web Services Dynamic Types plug-in for Orchestrator.


    The plug-in was designed for building a solution that would use a combination of vSphere and Amazon RDS service in a vRealize Automation blueprint then was extended with the IAM service.

    I have decided to release it "as is" since it fills some gaps of the AWS plug-in that is part of Orchestrator which only handle EC2.


    Based on the interest this will get I may release updated version with more services OOTB and some capabilities and a workflow to help you create your own services.


    In this document there are two PDF documents and a video created by ToddB explaining the installation, configuration and use with vRA.


    You can download the plug-in from VMware Code



    Disclaimer : use at your own risk, VMware and I are not responsible for anything that happening using this plug-in.